June Is National Safety Month: Let’s Take A Look At Our Laundry Room

June is National Safety Month! As the captain/co-captain of your family’s ship, it is up to you to ensure your home is happy and safe for your family and loved ones.  Kick off national safety month by focusing on your laundry room and routine – are you effectively incorporating safety into this household chore?

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Little Hands: Big Reach

I know we think our kids aren’t interested in our day-to-day tasks… but they are! Especially when you don’t particularly want them to be.  That’s why I make sure to keep everything as far away from my little ones as possible.

My front loaders have a bottom drawer, but I only keep my dryer sheets and Downy ball in there. Everything else stays AWAY and out of reach.

A Spill Is A Spill Is A Spill

A little spill isn’t a big deal right? Wrong! If some powder detergent accidentally gets on the floor, it’s crucial that you clean it up. I have three children and two dogs. The last thing I want is for one of my babies (furry or not) to come in contact with detergent, bleach or softener.

Hand Washing Rules Still Apply

After I put my load of laundry in, I always wash my hands. With a newborn in the house, I take extra precaution to make sure that I don’t have any soap on my hands that could cause irritation to my baby’s skin or eyes.


Don’t Forget To Close Up Shop

Be SURE to secure those cabinets after every wash.  If you have a proper laundry room, consider investing in baby proofing products like this cabinet lock. GET A FREE LATCH KIT HERE FROM P&G!!

Also double check all bottles to ensure that they are completely closed.

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Stay Informed

Just in case there is an accident and your child does ingest detergent or bleach – be sure to have Poison Control’s number on hand. Either have it on display in your laundry room or next to your phone.  WORST CASE SCENARIO – CALL 911! They will assist you and your family in your time of need.

Want more information on making your home safer for your family? Be sure to visit P&G’s “Home Made Simple” website!!

* I’m working with P&G as part of their Safe Home Blogger Program. All opinions are my own.



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