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July 4th Decorations For Less: Fab And Affordable Finds From The Dollar Store

I’m someone who loves to redecorate my house with every new holiday that comes passing through. I try to be smart about it all because it seems that every other week there is something to celebrate! Whether it’s a national holiday, a religious one, or a family birthday… I find myself swapping out decor. Believe me, I’m not complaining. Most times, I head up to the attic and pull down my reserve. But there are occasions where I like to grab some new outdoor pieces and window stickers to help spruce up the curb appeal.

Where do I head? The Dollar Store. Yeah – you heard me. You cannot beat the deals that they have going on in that place. Sure, I can probably find more intricate goods elsewhere. But who cares? Red, white, and blue looks good no matter what!

I made a video showing you all the pieces I brought home separately and then how we added those designs into our mix. So FUN!

Do you shop at the Dollar Store for your holiday needs? While I was mainly focusing on home decor, I did also highlight some items that I thought would be perfect for a party or a BBQ. Lots of fun goods for kids, too! I found star wands, cute headbands, adorable necklaces and more!! Check out my mega 4th of July haul and let me know if anything sparks your interest!!

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July 4th Decorations For Less

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