Jennifer Garner – Here I Come


So two days ago I posted a video blog called ‘Fashion Hauling‘ where I showed you a few items I purchased during my latest shopping spree. Just wanted to show you what outfit I ended up wearing. It was the Urban Outfitter piece with the skinny belt.  I know I said I was going to wear flats or boots – but the weather played nice and I actually opted for a pair of heels. My feet are suffering today because of it. LOL!

While I don’t have time to talk about all the new and wonderful things I learned about Pantene, I will tell you I am SUPER EXCITED about the new line. They’ve completely revamped the formula and are now specifically targeting women according to their hair type.  During the event, I had a stylist wash, treat and straighten my hair. All that pampering!! I just couldn’t believe it. Each writer had their own stylist to work with so there was no rush and you were really able to be involved in the process. I asked a million questions and have a TON of tips to share.

I even interviewed Danilo who was such a pleasure. He’s done hair for Lady Gaga (her ‘Telephone’ video people!!), Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson – JUST TO NAME A FEW. Talk about stylist to the stars.

As if yesterday wasn’t exciting enough – I am heading into the city now to meet Jennifer Garner! I was actually asked to bring my family – so the kids are getting ready as we speak. I’m trying my hardest to wrap up ‘I’m Not Obsessed‘ and get a few posts done over here because it looks like it’s going to be a full day.

Will post everything over the weekend! So very excited because Jen is just as sweet as pie. I’ve always wanted to meet her.

Oh an PS – the lovely ladies that I am standing with are my good friends Aly and Lauren. Haven’t seen them in a while so it was such a pleasure to hang out with them yesterday.

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  1. Nadine wrote:

    Love the outfit Vera!!

    Posted 4.30.10
  2. From Europe wrote:

    That is a lovely picture of you, Vera. I adore the outfit except I would’ve worn a different cardigan/vest. But that’s just my personal opinion. Everyone should wear what they feel most comfortable and cute in!

    Posted 4.30.10
  3. Leslie wrote:

    I really like how it looks on, Vera! And funny, I was loving the vest even more w/it on you – I love the length. And yes…I gotta ask you – the shoes!! So cute! Do you remember what brand they are? Zappos or Piperlime, here I come!

    Posted 4.30.10
  4. Somamommy wrote:

    You are so cute, Vera!!
    Love the outfit. And I’m so jealous you get to take your whole family to meet her!

    Posted 4.30.10
  5. Vera wrote:

    Thanks ladies!! The shoes are actually from Steve Madden. I got them off of ideeli for like $70! Love them to pieces – but my feet were KILLING me after the event. Not used to wearing heels anymore I guess.

    Posted 4.30.10
  6. Leslie wrote:

    Vera, thanks for telling us the name of the shoes. I *think* I found them…are they really 4″ tall? Maybe it’s the way you’re standing – they didn’t look that high. They’re beautiful, but I know I couldn’t handle that height. I am a TOTAL KLUTZ!!!

    Posted 5.16.10
    • Vera Sweeney wrote:

      I wear really tall heels – so it might be right.:) They aren’t that bad. You get used to it

      Posted 5.16.10

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