It’s Not All About The Mass Retailer


I just wrote about ‘Ultra Swim’ but didn’t really get into how HARD it was for me to find to product. Bill and I drove around two neighboring towns in an attempt to find a bottle of the shampoo and were unsuccessful for about 6 tries. We accidentally stumbled upon a local pharmacy and not only did they HAVE the product, but it was over a dollar cheaper than MAJOR drug stores (you know the names).

We couldn’t believe it. Typically we run to name brand chains, but yesterday I  learned a lesson. Don’t forget about the no-name little guy that is in your town trying to make a buck. Not only will you be helping a family-ran business, but you will open yourself up to sales you otherwise would have missed.

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  1. lauren wrote:

    Love supporting the small business owners.

    Posted 7.20.10

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