Is This Amazing Or Disturbing?

I can’t make up my mind. Check out these 7 year old girls dancing to Beyonce. They certainly know how to dance… but is the whole thing a little too mature?

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  1. ladyday wrote:

    Yes. The hip swinging and jirations are too, too much. Little girls are growing up way too fast. There are plenty of other moves they could have done.

    Posted 5.14.10
  2. ashmeljer wrote:

    Having just come from my 9 yr olds dance recital rehearsal….I’d say hell yes this is too much! My daughter is dancing to The Climb and Party in the USA…with the most adorable age appropriate costumes. I understand these girls are in a competition….but honestly, isnt there PLENTY of time for them to do this when they are older….why do they have to dance this way at such a young age….please let them be little girls. not little ho’s.

    Posted 5.14.10
  3. No way is that appropriate. I certainly wouldn’t let my daughter dance like that. There’s no reason they need to do the whole bump & grind thing to dance. I’m surprised their parents let them do this.

    Posted 5.15.10
  4. Wow. Super inappropriate. So many questions– who choreographed this? Did the parents see their little girls rehearsing, and were they ok with it? I’m just wondering how this performance made it through so many channels before ending up being taped and put on YouTube.

    Seriously, there are enough bad people in the world, and our children are growing up too fast. This is just not good by any stretch of the imagination.

    Posted 5.15.10
  5. anon wrote:

    It’s inappropriate, yes, but they are amazing dancers. I was a dancer from age 4 and couldn’t do some of those moves until high school.

    Posted 5.16.10

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