Insecurities At 75? I Thought That Was Impossible

We just got back from Puerto Rico on Monday and I have a MILLION pictures to process this week but I wanted to tell you about something that happened to me during the trip. I was sitting in the lobby with the children while my husband rented a car from the hotel and an older woman started to ask me about my stay.

At first it was very casual. She was from Boston. I told her I was from NY. We talked a bit about the island and how lovely it all was.

But then she started to say things like:

  • We travel to NY often because my husband knows all the big players on Wall Street. He’s very important.

What do you say to that? “That’s nice?” I let the first one slide but they kept coming – these bullets of insecurity.

  • We have so many powerful friends in NY. They constantly have us over because my husband is so involved in their work.
  • Boston is our home of course, but we spend so much time in NYC and are so involved in the social scene there that we might as well move. It’s one party after the other.
  • ETC
  • ETC

I just kept watching. I would say something about the weather and how thankful I was that it didn’t rain and then she would whip into a story about when it rained while she was on a yacht with her friends traveling around Europe. No matter what I said – she came back with some financial response to let me know that she had money.


The woman was in her 70s for SURE. It made me so sad because for some silly reason, I though the older you got the less you cared about that nonsense.

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  1. lizzys wrote:

    sometimes, we get stuck

    Posted 4.13.11
  2. Laura wrote:

    Aww, that’s sad really, isn’t it. What did she expect you to say to that? Do you think any of it was true?

    Posted 4.13.11
    • Vera wrote:

      i don’t know – she looked well to do. but who knows?? i looked like a deer in headlights. it was really an experience! LOL

      Posted 4.13.11
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Vera! I was so waiting for you to tell us who her husband was lol!

    Posted 4.13.11
  4. Sarah B. wrote:

    Wow, that is really sad. I don’t know how I would have responded to all that. I guess she wanted to feel very powerful and important!

    Posted 4.13.11
  5. Very sad… and I agree I think she was probably wanting you to ask who her husband was (ie CEO of XYZ firm or some executive !) So excited you had a marvelous trip! xo

    Posted 4.13.11
  6. Nadia wrote:

    It is unfortunate and so very sad! Definitely agree with Colleen, she most likely wanted you to fluff up her feathers a little more by asking about her hubby.

    Love the slideshow you posted the other day, looks so gorgeous!

    Posted 4.13.11
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    This lady spews the definition of insecurity! It’s sad how people see themselves and their self-image. Especially when they fabricate stories, they often grow to believe, to make themselves come off a certain way.

    Posted 4.13.11
  8. Sarah wrote:

    The ‘note so nice’ person in me would have said, “That’s nice..I just don’t care about money and bragging as much as you do I guess..but that’s nice.” ha!! But I think I would’ve been so shocked I would’ve responded exactly as you did!

    Vera – Your blog/s inspired me to finally start blogging myself! I love to hear what you have to say and always think – i wish she lived near me, we’d totally be friends!! – hahahaha!

    Posted 4.13.11
  9. Sherry wrote:

    most of the time those who brag about it don’t have it. LOL

    Posted 4.13.11
  10. Sarah wrote:

    oops – ‘NOT so nice’ I meant!

    Posted 4.13.11
  11. Patty wrote:

    Wow, that’s just sad. She can’t even carry out a normal conversation with a fellow traveler. So odd!

    Posted 4.13.11
  12. Leslie wrote:

    You know, usually with age comes wisdom…but evidently not always. That’s sad 🙁

    On a similar note, I took a speech class that was a little unconventional. We had to do skits and speeches…and all kinds of things in front of the group. Our very last speech was one that was show and tell, seriously! We were told to end the class by bringing in items who showed everyone who we were as people. I remember bringing in pictures of my dog…a knick-knack/statue I had from a relative since I was a baby…basically things that were sentimental. Things to do w/family. EVERYONE did the same exact thing except for one woman. She had moved here from another country and married a wealthy man. She stood up w/a binder she had made showing all her letters from credit card companies and photos of her huge house and fancy cars. It actually made me feel sad and empty.

    Posted 4.14.11
  13. Jen wrote:

    She very could have been senile and/or lying. At the movie theater I had an older woman (70’s or 80’s) tell me all about what it was like to be on the Titanic. That she was survivor. I don’t think so lady.

    Posted 4.14.11
  14. Chaucee wrote:

    Wow that is just really strange and sad.

    Posted 4.15.11

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