Inner Thoughts From People Who Hate The Heat On The First Day Of Summer

Summer is officially here!!! Today is the first day of the season and the kids are beyond ecstatic. And with GOOD REASON! It is officially POOL SEASON.

Most people are walking around beyond happy. Less clothing and a positive attitude. That seems to be the way of the masses. But there are some people – like me – who just don’t like the heat.

I mean, summer is … amazing! Isn’t it?

Summer means ice cream breaks.

…and moments that allow you to feel like a kid again.

There’s plenty of ways to stay cool if you aren’t a water person. Don’t worry…

Just don’t go outside for two months. It’s that simple. REALLY! I’ve done it.

If you MUST venture out into the real world, surround yourself with positive people.

And when the temperature¬†hits over 100 .. voice your concern to anyone who will listen. Don’t be shy. At that point, all bets are off.

If we do end up getting to the beach, look out. We tend to have a lot of fun.

Just kidding – I do absolutely nothing at the beach. Everything falls on my husband’s lap. I want no part of anything. Not even the water.

I mean.. I participate a little bit. But don’t get too excited.

So, to all of you¬†“summer loving” folks, congratulations! We have hit your season. But don’t look to me for any sort of excitement. I am a Fall and Spring kind of girl. Not into the extremes. I’m just going to be over here in the AC waiting for mid-September to roll around.

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