I’m Going Stir Crazy In My House

You know things are really bad when you write a title for your post and then go online to research where the term “stir crazy” came from. Talk about desperation for some stimulation.

The kids and I have ripped opened every single one of their new toys and played with them about 60 times each. If I play the Uno Moo Farm Animal Matching Game one more time … I think I am going to lose it. A friend asked me to come to her house today, but I’m still too scared to take the kids on the roads. They’ve been cleaned up since the blizzard, but now there’s a lot of ice and I’m not so sure it’s worth it.

I’m THIS CLOSE to booking a facial since I have a gift card that is on FIRE right now. It’s BEGGING me to use it just so I have something to do. Last night, I bought an XBOX 360 game because I got the urge to play and didn’t own anything to use. It was on sale on Amazon, so now I wait for its arrival.

The kids are enjoying themselves of course, but there’s only so many snowmen we can make. LOL!  I’m ready for some hot weather to melt most of this snow away. AND TO THINK – it’s only our FIRST STORM.

What do you do when you are stuck inside? Please don’t tell me to surf the net because I do that all day for WORK. LOLOLOLOL!

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  1. I LOVE THIS POST!!! I can relate to every single bit– especially the playing with each toy- SIXTY TIMES EACH! We’ve also had numerous kids tripping each other down the stairs- ice packs being applied, my dog has decided this is the perfect time to display some not so lovely bowel issues and we’ve hot a RECORD number of timeouts:)

    Posted 12.28.10
  2. ppd wrote:

    Movie marathons? Reading? I wish I had some good ideas for you! When I was little we used to do indoor picknicks, which were always fun, and we used to make a lot of forts.. we listened to books on tape a lot (inside our forts) to stay entertained after playing outside. I grew up in an apartment complex so I was lucky.. stir crazy didn’t exist, we had an indoor pool, a basketball gym, exercise room and tons of friends. We went non stop all winter.

    Posted 12.28.10
  3. adrianushka wrote:

    I would love to be in your place right now… meanwhile I’m in Mexico City with maybe more than 20°C working at the office while it is half empty because most of the people is taking vacations 🙁 i would love to see some snow and have nothing to do at my house… i recomend you to sleep, read and maybe a series/movie marathon and of course enjoy! 🙂

    Posted 12.28.10
  4. Kyle wrote:

    YES. Use that gift card and ENJOY it!

    Posted 12.29.10
  5. lizzys wrote:

    go get the facial

    Posted 12.29.10
  6. Lauralee Hensley wrote:

    Hand embroidery. Practice decorative painting. Various crafts. Quilt. Make homemade soup and freeze it up for other days, actually chop up everything by hand that goes into the homemade soup. Make homemade rolls or cookies. Watch netflix shows via the Roku hubby got. Rearrange and clean out closets.
    Also go crazy because all the dogs want to be inside at the same time, we have three of them. Then they want to rough house and play like they do outside. My home isn’t big enough for that.

    Posted 12.29.10
  7. serene wrote:

    when im stuck indoors i do test makeup on myself and take pics of looks i created for future references. i write down all the products i used to complete it and label it as ‘evening/night out/or day’. When i have a wedding, party, or photo op, i whip up a look and recreate it easily! its quite fun and u end up looking pretty for the rest of the day! how bad can that be? try it! maybe u can post ur looks on to here and get our feedback!!

    Posted 12.30.10

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