I Started The 17 Day Diet

Have you heard of the 17 Day Diet? I just heard about the new plan and JUMPED at the chance to learn more. I am an AVID Dr. Phil watcher. I’m talking daily DVRing over here. One of the diets he’s spoken of a LOT in the past has FINALLY become available at Barnes and Nobles – The 17 Day Diet.

I wasn’t really into purchasing it online from their website (the ONLY way you could get it for about a year). SO AS SOON AS I SAW IT AT MY LOCAL STORE – I JUMPED! I did NOT want to pay shipping. How cheap am I? UGH. Well, now I have this book in my grasp and I am ready to take action. 

I Started The 17 Day Diet

17 Day Diet Book Cover

With my membership – I got 40% off the book! So naturally, I SNAGGED the book right away. 

The long short – it’s 17 days of no carb and low fat. It’s hard – but you can do anything for 17 days, right? That’s the hook. Suck it up for a little over 2 weeks and lose between 10 and 15 pounds.

There are then 3 more cycles to go on before you can officially say you are done. But I’m interested in that JUMP START – which I REALLY need. Especially right before the summer.

A Look At My Meal Plan

So, last night I cooked potatoes to say goodbye to them (and to get them out of my fridge) and this morning I started to walk down this new path. For breakfast, I had a yogurt and an orange with green tea.

For lunch, I had fat free swiss cheese and turkey slices (a lot) with a pickle and some fruit. Again green tea. The man is obsessed with green tea.


Also went out about bought Omega 3 vitamins b/c I don’t eat any fish and he suggests it. I don’t know if I am going to keep up with the vitamins. I am the WORST at taking pills. I already take so many pills for my migraines.

The last thing I need to do is add more to my list. But then again, maybe if I take control of my health I can actually get off of my migraine pills, right? I mean – that’s the hope??

My Thoughts

So – My starting weight is logged. You have to hold yourself accountable while on this plan. You have to track everything you do, how much you lose, what your goals are, how much water you drink – etc. At this point, I’m not ready to share with you my progress because I feel like it’s too early for any of that.

But I will start to keep a log or a journal on this blog and write a diary of some sorts so you can see how the 17 Day Diet affects me and my body.  Please check back over the next two weeks to see how I do on this plan. I’m excited!

Hopefully, it works because honestly I am JUST DONE WITH THIS LAST 10 POUNDS! Is anyone else with me?? Why is the last ten pounds always the hardest? I am so tired of not being able to fit in my clothes!!! 

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  1. Nadia wrote:

    You can totally do it ;). Smoothies and salads are great for filling you up!

    Posted 5.12.11
  2. Paige wrote:

    Good luck, can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    Posted 5.12.11
  3. Dottie wrote:

    Just ordered mine! Lets see how this goes…..

    Posted 5.12.11
  4. lizzys wrote:

    a easy way to get omega 3 into diet…..buy the ready ground flaxseed and sprinkle on everything….good for you and your family

    Posted 5.13.11
  5. Kelly B wrote:

    Way to go! Good luck with everything. 🙂

    Posted 5.15.11
  6. fritter wrote:

    Good luck! I have not heard of this diet as of yet…
    (TykeRider comment)

    Posted 5.18.11
  7. Tasha wrote:

    I just started this on the 16th. I’d like to know how it’s going for you!

    Posted 5.19.11
    • Vera wrote:

      I fell off over the weekend – but I’m back on and LOVING IT! After 3 days I was 4 pounds down. I gained some back though when I went away. But I believe in it

      Posted 5.19.11
  8. musee wrote:

    I use my Banana Diet

    Posted 8.2.11
  9. I come across the diet recently and really amazed by what it claims “lose 10-15 pounds in the first 17 days” though the figure really capture my eyes but am not sure whether to start this …. as most of my previous diet did not work out well…. anyone started the diet? Would appreciate if you can share some figure here.

    Posted 9.18.11
    • Tracy wrote:

      I’m on day 6 of the 17 day diet lost 3lbs so far. will let you know more as time gose on.

      Posted 10.17.11
  10. Nicole wrote:

    My husband and I decided to try this diet. The last day of Cycle 1 is tomorrow, and so far he has lost 18.6 pounds and I have lost 13 pounds… and we have no cravings for sugar or fast food that we had been eating before. We are looking forward to starting Cycle 2 on Thursday and adding in some more foods. Anything is possible for 17 days, I wish you good luck!

    Posted 11.15.11
    • WILMA wrote:

      Hello Nicole, reading your blog was so encouraging…….great weight losses for both you and your husband. I am on day 12 and have lost 8.6 lbs. I’m thrilled with this diet as it’s the first time I’ve ever gone this long without one cheat. I’m finding it very easy, but then I make sure I take the time to shop and prepare the right foods, and drink all the water required, along with the green tea. I’m at the gym 6x a week, one hour each time, but then I’ve always done that…..that is not new. Can’t wait for the cookbook to come out, but have found on the Web some pretty decent recipes that I’ve tried, i.e. Mock French Toast, ground turkey tacos (in the back of the 17-Day Diet Book), and Eggplant Parmesan. Didn’t like the chicken soup recipe in the book, won’t do it again, but ate it anyway because it was full of good veggies. Keep up the good work, I will too, and we’ll be very pleased when summer rolls around.

      Posted 1.26.12
  11. Sue wrote:

    down 4.75 lbs in 4 days….yipee

    Posted 1.22.12
  12. Sue wrote:

    this diet it sooo good, no writing down, no journal, no weighing food, not much counting.. down 8lbs in 14 days..
    it really is the way we are supposed to be eating, natural, fresher, no preservatives and don’t we all eat too many carbs? My fridge has never been so full of veggies, but then it probably should have been this full all along. I am a little afraid of Cycle 2, I hope I only slow down at weight loss, and not gain…

    Posted 2.1.12
  13. Sheila wrote:

    Started the 17 day diet on January 1 and today is February 14th – I have lost 19 lbs and my husband 30 lbs. We feel so much better. It’s hard today with lots of sweets at school but I will continue!!!

    Posted 2.14.12
  14. Marsha wrote:

    Day 11….and going strong!!!!
    Felling lighter….with good reason 12 lbs lost!!!!
    I have been following very close . I haven’t gotten into the work out let!!!!
    Just adding extra walking at work….
    I’m a real foodie and haven’t missed any thing yet!!!!
    Stay tune!!!!

    Posted 2.23.12
  15. April wrote:

    I’m starting the cycle 1 of the 17 Day diet tomorrow – wish me luck.

    Posted 3.31.12
  16. Joanne wrote:

    Well I’m starting today as I have 11kgs to lose before the 16th July for my holiday to turkey. I think I’m going to really struggle with no wine though as that’s my downfall and I know it !

    Posted 6.18.12
  17. Carlene wrote:

    My doctor recommended this diet as I was just diagnosed with diabetes. Day 4….5,lbs down. Wilma, I made the chicken soup using a half can of Rotel tomatoes with a can of crushed tomatoes. Gave such good flavor. I’m determined to make this work!!

    Posted 6.23.12
  18. vicky wrote:

    hey everybody so i am a 21 year old female 5 4 i started out at 190 to be honest if you looked at me you wouldn’t thick i was that heavy but i guess i have muscle and i am a curvy women and not too flabby all around but still i would call myself thick and its time to get out of that zone… today is day 3 and i just weighted myself at 187.4 ive done this diet once before and i lost around 10 lbs so im doing it again 🙂

    Posted 7.28.12
  19. vicky wrote:

    i guess one thing i could really recommend is drink that water and lemon in the morning i just had mine!

    Posted 7.28.12
  20. kathy wrote:

    on day 3. was down 2 lbs this morning..recommended by my doctor as a jump start and then switch to weight watchers…am excited about the results. still need to add the green tea, lemon in the water in the morning, and exercise…was so burnt out on exercise and not losing any weight! lol…

    Posted 8.2.12
  21. pam acosta wrote:

    i have hypothroidism, will this diet work for me?

    Posted 8.23.12
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