I Can’t Get Out From Under This Laundry Pile

Just when you think you are done… another suitcase opens up and a humongous pile of dirty clothes comes leaping out at you. Vacations are fun and all… but the return is not my favorite.

While we were in Virginia we stayed at a Marriott timeshare and they had a laundry room available – but I am so used to my Frigidaire washer and dryer that I decided to wait until I returned to get busy with the suds. Besides, in my old age I’ve become allergic to most detergents. I have to stay dye free, scent free – etc.

Has this happened to you? I thought you were born with allergies and that’s that! It seems that this year I DIDN’T have seasonal allergies BUT I DID become highly sensitive to fragrances in detergent and softeners. So strange!

Our dogs were also on vacation  you know – they got to spend a week with Bill’s parents and believe me they loved every second of it. No crazy kids screaming and running all around the house accidentally tripping over them. It must have been bliss!! 🙂

My Jilly girl only uses mats which stinks (literally) because we have to clean them every few days – but we found this DEEP sanitizing cycle and it goes for 1.40 minutes!! Can you imagine?! Those mats come out cleaner than the day we bought them. LOL!

Bill is about to take the kids to Brooklyn to visit a park he likes and I’m going to wrap up some loose ends via email before hopping in the shower and then heading to Starbucks for a tea. I’m exhausted! Taking it nice and easy today.

Video coming up answering your questions. I just want to wash up before I turn the camera on. I’m… scary right now. 🙂

“I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive Campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Frigidaire and received a Frigidaire Washer and Dryer to facilitate my review.”

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  1. Sherry wrote:

    The same thing has happened to me with allergies – and I thought the same thing – “I wasn’t born with any allergies, WHAT is going on!?”. I never had a single issue until a few years ago, when suddenly someone mowing the grass had me dying! Pollen, grass, all of it has my eyes sticky and watery and my throat all itchy, etc etc. I hate it, but won’t take anything for it because I hate the allergy medicine. I just have to stay in when the pollen is high, etc. I also started using the dye and perfume free detergent around the same time.

    Posted 8.30.10
  2. megan wrote:

    Being allergic to something can come and go during different stages of your life. Although when your deathly allergic to something like bee stings or peanuts then that is usually with you your entire life.

    Posted 9.1.10

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