Honey I Can’t Do The Dishes Because I Have Colors To Match!!

Disney-Frozen-Free-Fall-GameWhat is WRONG WITH ME? Why can’t I play something normally? Why must I get obsessed with things to the point that I lose sleep over my LOVE for them? I can’t stop playing three apps and Disney’s Frozen is one of them. I’m up to level 74. I don’t even care about progressing. I like playing the game just for the sake of playing the game. You want to know why I KNOW I have a problem? Because I won’t let my kids swipe the screen.

They are like,  “MOM! I FOUND A MATCH!!”

And what’s my response? I become the devil’s spawn, flip upside down and attach myself to the ceiling in an attempt to protect my iPad screen and start growling back at them. I don’t know. I think I bit Liam once. I really think I did.

Ready for another one?


Another ridiculous game that I check about 64 times a day? Spellfall. Same vein but different concept. You know – totally different. 100% NOT the same at all. Nope.

I don’t know. I like to match things…


And then the LAST game that I can’t stop playing – Maleficent. Ok. Seriously. I know. I’m ridiculous. It’s pretty much the same thing happening in all these apps – but you only get so many lives at a time. So, I need multiple games to get me through a gaming sequence.


You know what? Blame Tetris. It was my favorite game ever growing up. It was the only game I owned for a really long time. So, now I play better versions of the original. No judgements, right???


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