Highlights From Our “Power Of Partnerships” Presentation From Mom 2.0 #Mom2Summit


I had such a fantastic time at Mom 2.0. It was my first time attending the conference and I had the PLEASURE of attending as a speaker. Not only did I get to bump elbows with people that I’ve been friends with for almost a decade, but I also sat through several amazing panels and learned a thing or two over drinks after hours.

Overall – a total win.

“The Power of Partnerships” was a topic that just felt right for Audrey McClelland and I. After all, she is my work wife. We were joined by Christine Tasto and Morra Aarons-Mele who each brought a very different perspective to the conversation. This post will really focus on my piece alone.

I joked during my first few sentences of my intro that I knew – without a doubt – that the panel would partner in some way post conference. I think that’s a huge piece of our puzzle… the main reason why Audrey and I continue to work and stay top of mind for so many in the industry. We meet up with PR professionals. We set lunch dates. We attend events. We exchange emails and comment on their Facebook walls. We connect and reconnect and then next week we do it all over again. You want to know the secret in our sauce? Friendship. Plain and simple.

After meeting Christine and Morra in person, my heart wants to do something with them. So, the next time they call and attempt to lean on me for any little thing, my answer will be yes. I hope it will work the other way around… and I have a feeling it will because that’s what women do. We support and lift when we can. Be part of those circles. Those are the ones that matter most.

If you are looking to team up specifically with another individual, then here are a few more ideas that work for me and Audrey:

  • Shared Media Kit: No really, we have one. What does this mean? When I send out a media kit for myself, I’m also selling Audrey. When she’s asked for her numbers, the PR team also gets to learn a little bit about me. We DOUBLE our chances of work this way. It’s not cannibalism either. Typically, the team ends up using us both because budgets are always for a GROUP of bloggers – not just one.
  • Creation of ONE WEBSITE: Are you an established blogger looking to work with another established blogger? You need to create a hub for the two of you. That way, if the partnership doesn’t make sense to someone – it will help them see it more clearly.
  • Split Finances And Gigs: Sometimes there are instances where we can’t sell each other into a campaign and do you know what we do? One of us takes a loss and brings the other one in and shares the gig. There’s no extra money for the other – that means you just have to split the pie. It’s ok though because you are BOTH doing it for one another. It will all even out at the end of the year. In the end, you are ensuring that the world sees you as a team. Eventually, you will have to do this less and less. In fact, Audrey and I do this maybe 2 times a year at this point. It’s pretty rare. However, in the beginning, this was a frequent choice.
  • Shared Social Media Accounts: Risky! Yes. But we are committed to this partnership – so any new social media service that comes out moving forward will be shared. So far, Periscope (@AudreyAndVera) and Snapchat (@AudreyandVera) are both shared. We do not have individual accounts on those sites. We also have shared Instagram (@AudreyAndVera) and Twitter (@AudreyAndVera) even though we originally started with separate accounts. Show the world that you are a team.
  • Create Opportunity For Team: We don’t wait for people to present team opportunities for us, we create them. Whether it’s a holiday video guide or a summer beauty expo event, we build a deck and pitch it to everyone we know. We never stop hustling. We are always on and trying to push the two of us forward. KEY TO LIFE.

That’s a quick synopsis of our TOP points. Truth be told, we spoke for over an hour – but these will help you get started if you are looking to partner up with another individual in business.  Have any questions? Leave them below!


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