Here’s What I’m Wearing To ‘Getting Gorgeous With Degree’ Tomorrow

I bought two different outfits, but this this is the one I am going to go with. I am obsessed with shells that shimmer and I think this is a really fun look.

To give it a bit more business-like edge, I’m pairing the look with a 3/4 blazer. The blazer is MUCH NICER ON. It really works all together.

FOR SHOES THOUGH>>>>> I am stuck between knee hight brown boots (LIKE these- not these) or red heels (LIKE these – not these – much smaller heel)

What do you think?? Which pair of shoes should I wear? Both will be comfortable. The heels are actually the most comfortable I own. Learned a lesson last year when I wore CRAZY BLACK HEELS. At least 5 inches high. I was DYING.

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  1. I say wear the red heels for a pop of color!

    Posted 4.1.11
  2. nicole wrote:

    I say wear the red heels.. boots and a blazer may seem like you are going to ride horses.. Cute outfit..

    Posted 4.1.11
  3. amy wrote:

    Love that outfit! I don’t even know about the event, but wish I could attend. I’d let the weather dictate my shoe choice. Cold and dreary – boots; nice day – red heels. I’m sure you’ll look fab either way!

    Posted 4.1.11
    • Chris wrote:

      Either will work but I like the boots with blazer look just a little better.

      Posted 4.1.11
  4. Jennifer wrote:

    Cute outfit! I like the heels better with the outfit, and if they’re comfy that’s a plus!

    Posted 4.1.11
  5. Sabine wrote:

    Red heels, I love the combination of beige/sand and red, it’s classic!!

    Posted 4.1.11
  6. Sherry wrote:

    red heels. they are sassier and fit your fun personality better! LOL!

    Posted 4.1.11
  7. jaime wrote:

    I personally don’t like the red heels with that color top/blazer, but then again I’m very iffy of wearing red heels with anything except black so what do i know?! I think it’s supposed to rain tomorrow here in the east coast so I would say go with the boots! the color works better and your feet will be protected from the icky weather!
    I’m sure you’ll look fab anyways, good luck deciding!! : )

    Posted 4.1.11
  8. lizzys wrote:
    Posted 4.1.11
  9. Frances wrote:

    I think the red shoes are to sexy for the blazer outfit, even though I love them!!
    I love the first outfit, where did u buy it. Love the tank

    Posted 4.1.11
  10. sisi wrote:

    this look needs a tory burch ballet, creme leather, gold buckle! but if ur gona go with the heel, then the red is a better choice than the brown boot. My advice to u is to get a fake tan because these colors will glow as oposed to look pale if u wear them on a tan! i LOVE the top u have chosen and the jeans r fab too! the blaser, i would replace with an LV shawl. WOW-im sure u werent asking for this muhc info! sorry! u gona wear ur hair up in a puffed ponytail? cuz that would look awesome!! xoxoxo

    Posted 4.2.11
  11. Victoria wrote:

    You looked absolutely stunning and heels were a great choice! Although I don’t know how you still kept great poise in them 5 hours later…

    Posted 4.2.11

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