Heidi Klum’s Halloween Bash: Should I Go Alone?

I was asked to be an ambassador for this program and one of the perks is a ticket to Heidi Klum’s infamous NYC Halloween bash. You know… the one where she and Seal go ALL OUT with their costumes! I fell on the floor when I heard the news but then found out I wouldn’t be allowed a GUEST.

So that means I would have to go to the Halloween party by myself.

Should I do it? Would YOU do it? Be honest – going to a costume party alone??? I feel so funny just thinking about it. HELP!!!!

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  1. Melissa wrote:

    Oh man! That would be hard! I would go….just for a couple of hours. I would just walk in like I’m meeting someone there…and pretend that they haven’t showed up yet! Go…so we can see pictures! 🙂

    Posted 10.25.10
  2. Nana wrote:

    Do it ! You’ll regret it if you don’t ! It’s only one night, and you don’t have to stay late !

    Posted 10.25.10
  3. Sally wrote:

    Definitely! Go!

    Posted 10.25.10
  4. Adriana wrote:

    you have to go… at least just to take some pictures to share 😉 … besides going alone does not mean you don’t get to meet people there 😀 just relax and GO!

    Posted 10.25.10
  5. Barbara wrote:

    Honestly, I wouldn’t go. BUT, that’s me. You, on the other, would and should go!

    Posted 10.25.10
  6. Helen wrote:

    It’s your duty to go are report back to us! Have fun: I’m sure it’ll be amazing. x

    Posted 10.25.10
  7. sofie V wrote:

    Situations like this are always scary and yet they always turn out just fine. I’d go if I were you. Just wear some sort of face mask to hide your axiety. 🙂

    Posted 10.25.10
  8. lizzys wrote:


    Posted 10.25.10
  9. KissKiss wrote:

    GO! This is a unique opportunity!

    Posted 10.25.10
  10. Candace wrote:


    I LOVE seeing her pics on Halloween. What an awesome perk!

    For me the issue is always can I get away and will my work or family balance suffer? But I would definitely go to something fun and unique like this if I could swing it–even if it meant going alone!

    Posted 10.25.10
  11. Rocket wrote:

    Go! I agree about wearing some kind of mask to add to the fun / mystery of going alone if you are having anxiety about it. Take lots of pictures 🙂

    Posted 10.25.10
  12. Kyle wrote:

    You must GO!!!!!!!!

    Posted 10.25.10
  13. ppd wrote:

    I would be sad if I missed out on that opportunity! It will be fun and you might meet some cool people! Go!

    Posted 10.25.10
  14. Liza wrote:

    Absolutely go!! This is one of those situations that you look back on and say “I can’t believe I was there!” If you let fear get the best of you, you’ll regret not taking advantage of this opportunity. There are things that cause anxiety in life and it’s up to us to just take the leap and enjoy! This will be fantastic for you! And even if you don’t have have fun (seriously doubt that) you can at least say that you tried and put yourself out there! Who knows who you’ll see and run into over there!! HAVE FUN!!!

    Posted 10.26.10
  15. BoN wrote:

    If you’re not going to go then pass it on to someone else. But this is certainly not an opportunity to pass up. Someone should get the opportunity to hang out with all those celebs. Send someone who is deserving of the opportunity. Are you absolutely sure there’s no + 1? Do you have to be in full costume in order to attend?
    Allow someone else to rub elbows with the celebs if you decide not to go.

    Posted 10.26.10
  16. Vera wrote:

    Ok guys —

    only i can go. I cant pass it along. Its part of an ambassador program where I would have to promote the brand through my own twitter feed etc. Im going to pass. Thought about it all last night and read every single comment that came in. I know it sounds like a great experience. But Ive done fashion week for about 6 years now and it is NOT as fun as it sounds – especially when you are alone.

    One of those things that sound better on paper I think. Thanks to everyone who left a comment though!

    Posted 10.26.10
  17. Carol wrote:

    Are you friggin kidding me??? This is the MOST amazing Halloween Party you will ever go to… you HAVE TO GO!!!!!!!!

    Posted 10.28.10

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