Halloween Safety And The Magical Glow Stick With @Rayovac


Seriously – my children cannot get ENOUGH of a good flashlight. When I handed Natalie and Liam these Rayovac Glow Sticks … they acted as if I gave them a magical wand. They went bananas – running all around the house, climbing under their beds, closing themselves into their closets. It was a real treat to watch.

Pictures don’t do these glow sticks justice. There are three different settings to use – all of which are not only fun BUT will aid in a safer Halloween. We don’t go out until after dinner on Halloween which means it’s nice and dark. The kids are overly excited – racing from one house to another. I’m going to have them keep these sticks with them. I am sure they will be MORE THAN PLEASED. 🙂



Think about all the uses! Don’t use a candle to light your pumpkins (as if I ever would) – use this glow stick instead!! How easy (and SAFE).


These puppies really WORK! And for only $3.99, they are most certainly worth the purchase price. After Halloween, I’m going to make sure my kids keep these glow sticks in their bedrooms just in case we have a power outage. We’ve had a few weather issues over the last few years that killed our power (sometimes for up to several days). These Rayovac Glow Sticks will replace over-sized lanterns and stocks of candles with ease. And I’m sure my children won’t have a problem using them. It might actually erase some of the fear that a black out can instill.

Great find. Truly.

* I am a Rayovac mom

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