Giving The Gift Of Sleep To A New Mom In Need Thanks To Pampers



I won’t get into too much detail with this story because – quite frankly – it’s not my story to tell. But the lesson is all the same – do for others when you can. Pay it forward when you can. Give back when you have been given to.

It’s no secret that I was on bed rest for many months while carrying my third child. My community came together as I never thought it would by scheduling a meal train for my family and paying me regular visits, setting up play dates for my kids and more. It was something I will never forget. My town is very special in that sense. When someone is in trouble, everyone suits up and takes action.


An email went around letting friends know that someone we all know had something rather tragic happen right after giving birth to a newborn child. This issue has kept this mom in the hospital and away from her baby and everyone – once again – has jumped up and is attempting to do everything they can to help in whatever small way they can.


Recently, I joined the Pampers Board and am now part of a group of moms and dads who will work closely with the brand to help spread the word about upcoming projects and initiatives. I was so excited to be asked to join because I am SUCH a fan of the diapers and wipes. It was a perfect fit. During the month of October, I was asked to give a handful of moms the “gift of sleep”. I could donate / split out the money however I’d like. It was completely up to me.


Once I heard about what happened to my friend, I thought that this family needed the “gift of sleep”…. more like piece of mind. The husband and parents are scrambling to keep that house running while the mom is in the hospital and I thought that it would make sense to stock them up with all newborn supplies – everything a mom would just know to purchase. I even threw in a few Halloween firsts because – once again – I just know my friend would have bought those items if she was home with her kids.

It’s a scary situation. Life can change in an instant. It’s good to know that companies are still around that care. It’s good to know that people are still within communities that come together in time of need. I actually couldn’t get on the meal train for this friend because it was BOOKED UP! So many people signed up first. Amazing outpour of love and support.

I wish a speedy recovery. And I also wish that this package can give this family one less thing to worry about. If they run out of diapers, no need to worry – there are boxes of Pampers in the basement. Looking for wipes? Yup – a few boxes of Pampers down there too. Cozy blankets, stuffed animals, diaper rash cream, bath soap and lotion, baby bottles and more. It doesn’t replace what the mom would do, but every bit helps right now and I thank Pampers for allowing me to pass this package along.

* I am part of the Pampers Board.



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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. It sounds like you live in such a great, tight-knit community. I’m sure this family truly appreciated this generous donation.

    Posted 10.24.13

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