Getting Ready For Hurricane Irene: Stocking Up And Staying Prepared (VIDEO)

Hurricane Irene is ROCKING the East Coast. I mean, I’ve been watching ‘The Weather Channel’ for 6 hours in a ROW. My husband thinks I have an illness because once bad weather comes around, I suddenly am UNABLE to do anything else but… panic.


I’m telling you – when the Earthquake happened a few days ago, I had everyone in the bedroom together for a good 4 hours just waiting for the aftershock. The kids were BEGGING to go play in the basement, but I forced them to stay with me and watch Fox News for updates.

Back to Hurricane Irene.




Bill decided to go out and stock up on some goods. We don’t need any medicine, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc because – well, I’m a coupon addict and I have that covered. I also JUST went food shopping for fresh goods earlier in the day – so that was taken care of as well.

We just needed some supplies like batteries and flashlights JUST IN CASE. You know what they say – better to be safe than sorry.

Here’s what Bill bought. And I’m not kidding when I say it took him almost 3 hours to do it all. The shops around my town are PACKEDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

Are you prepared for the hurricane? Here’s a good list of items you should have in your house in case of an emergency:


  • WATER: at least 1 gallon daily per person for a week
  • FOOD: to last a week (hopefully you have some non-perishable just in case the power goes out)
  • CASH: sorry guys but ATMS aren’t going to be working if the power goes out OR if the roads are flooded
  • FIRST AID supplies: bandaids, medicine, prescriptions, etc
  • Right now you should also be charging everything that needs a charge to prepare for the hurricane. For example, I’m charging my phones, Nook, laptops etc – JUST IN CASE.
  • Also, fill your gas tank should we have to evacuate suddenly. The last time you are going to want to do is wait on a three hour line to get gas when you know what hits the fan.
  • If you want to get really serious, you should get all your important documents together should you have to evacuate quickly. Consider doing this anyway. SSN cards, passports, etc. It can’t hurt to keep it all together.

Hurricane Irene might end up being nothing to worry about – but why not just prepare for the worst. If it veers to the East and completely misses the coast, at least you have a ton of water and supplies in the house should anything else happens.

Oh and PS – the longer you wait to do this the less likely you will be able to do this. Bill said the stores were I-N-S-A-N-E and it’s 3 full days away before the worst is expected to hit.

Go NOW and just get it over with.

Feel like you want to read more? Click here to access the Weather Channel.

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    OMG You are hilarious. If anything happens, we’ll just go to your house! LOL

    Posted 8.25.11
    • Anonymous wrote:

      Oh, PS that was from me, Cheryl. XOXO

      Posted 8.25.11
  2. lizzys wrote:

    be prepared…..good advice

    Posted 8.26.11
  3. lizzys wrote:

    hope you have a manuel can opener…just in case

    Posted 8.26.11
  4. Jan wrote:

    hahah I was going to lol at you until I remembered this week there was a tornado warning in Toronto and before I went to bed I put pillows, blanket, cookies, chips, radio and some water in the bathroom in case we had to needed to hid away in an interior room. Like I said to the hubby if nothing happens its easy to move things back to where they belong 😛

    Posted 8.26.11
    • Veronica wrote:

      Yup! I was here in Toronto for it. I thought it was a cool storm with lots of lightening. I did one of the most dumbest things in safety measure history: I took a shower, then sat at the window and watched it.

      Turns out, an F1 touched down (Call Bill Paxton!) and DESTROYED half of our neighborhood trees and siding.I did not realize how extensive the damage was until 7 am the next day when I drove out of the driveway and had to slalom tree branches. It was insane. Now I am going back to NYC to brace for a Hurricane? Oy vey.

      Posted 8.26.11
      • Vera wrote:

        So scary!!! Stay where u are until this passes! Ugh

        Posted 8.26.11
        • Jan wrote:

          Hmmm Veronica so you are saying we can blame this all on you? lol OMG the light show was AH-mazing ! We have a view of the CN Tower and about 10pm every 1-2 mins the sky would light up with these lightning branches ( think 5-8 branches ) and then fork down to the one bolt hitting the tower. It was one of the best shows ever for sure. At least the wind didnt pick up that bad ! It was worse earlier in the week when Goderich had their tornado. We stood on the balcony and watched that one blow in lol pun intended !

          Vera try to stay away from TV. American channels are so bad at fear mongering !!!!! Chicken Little would be proud 😛

          Posted 8.26.11
    • Vera wrote:

      Better to be safe is right!! 😉

      Posted 8.26.11
  5. Tracey wrote:

    I also sent you a msg on fb also-this video is so cute-at least he is being prepared! and he did a good job getting things together-not sure about the corn though…..

    Posted 8.26.11
  6. Tracey wrote:

    they are saying 60 mile an hour winds- it won’t be bad at all if that is true. So not like Katrina-just like a bad thunderstorm-

    Posted 8.26.11
    • Vera wrote:

      Hopefully!! 😉

      Posted 8.26.11
  7. Veronica wrote:

    Whey protein? What the fudge?
    Is Bill training for ‘Search and Rescue’ afterwards????

    Where is your emergency tanning bed because while Irene hits, I am sure Bill will be chugging back Whey shakes while rowing on the row machine. He can’t get all juiced up for rescue relief without a tan!?

    Posted 8.26.11
    • Vera wrote:

      He works out. Hard. And loves that why!! I don’t fake and bake cuz!!!

      Posted 8.26.11
      • Veronica wrote:

        When you have Whey goes with tanning as Wine goes with Cheese.

        Throw in some HOUSE music and you got yourself a party in both situations!

        OMG – Should you pack an emergency Malbec or Cabernet? I would. I would be so smashed when Irene rolls in.

        Posted 8.26.11
  8. Veronica wrote:

    Don;t forget puppy food! Think Katrina! How many puppies were abandoned and then rescued! I would get Zorro a raft and make him wear his life jacket all night. Yes Zorro has a life jacket for when we went swimming in a lake last summer. Jack and Jill need one too!

    Gotta have food for them too!

    And don’t forget the can opener! Have it ready for emergency dispensing of the sweet corn niblets!

    Posted 8.26.11
  9. Sherry wrote:

    Forget survival kits – I’d be on a plane, train, anything that’s heading West.

    Posted 8.26.11
  10. Melissa wrote:

    Haha Bill says “cause we like corn”. Hilarious!!

    Posted 8.26.11

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