Getting Gorgeous At Home: Doorways And Walkways

Last week, we talked about small additions to you can to your kitchen to spruce up the space. Today, we are focusing on your doorway and walkway! Take a look at some of the great pieces I came across while window shopping on Etsy:

Nothing says “warm welcome” like a beautiful wreath hung on your door. Some of my friends actually make their own each season. What a skill! I just don’t have it in me. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there to choose from.


1. Pink Peony Spring Wreath // 2. White Daisy Wreath // 3. Summer Grape Wreath // 4. Birch Bark Wreath // 5. Monogrammed Grapevine Wreath // 6. Deep Purple and Sage Wreath

You can say a lot about your character with your mailbox. Think about that!


1. Custom Victorian Mailbox // 2.  Nostalgic Postbox // 3. Two Sided Classic // 4. Vinyl Decal

And for a final little “cherry on top”, consider adding a porch sign.


1. Hello Door Decal // 2.  Porch Rules // 3. Front Porch Welcome Sign // 4. Rustic Welcome Sign

To check out what Audrey picked for today’s “Getting Gorgeous at Home” post, visit Mom Generations.

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