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Gabrielle Reece’s HIGHX Workout & The Balance Project

Described as one of the greatest beach volleyball players of all time, Gabrielle Reece is also a mom of 3 little ones and now, a spokeswoman for The Balance Project. The Balance Project is the Balance Bar‘s new campaign to help us achieve more balance in our lives.

Gabrielle Reece's HIGHX Workout & The Balance Project

Gabrielle Reece’s HIGHX Workout & The Balance Project

To learn more about the Balance Project, we were invited to join Gabrielle for her HIGHX workout. We also got a chance to nibble on all the delightful protein-rich bites that the Balance Bar has to offer.

The HIGHX fitness program is a workout in which you do intervals of different exercises for 30 seconds at a time. The room was set up so that we had about 6 different exercises. We got into pairs and hit the ground.

There were lunges, squats, side squats…you name it. Gabrielle said she started this workout when her gym closed. This was my first workout post-baby and it felt amazing!

Working out with Gabrielle Reece using HIGHX Workout & The Balance Project

After working up an appetite, we drank delicious infused water from glass bottles by Ball. I LOVED these. Each glass jar contained an inner compartment that you can fill with herbs or fruit to add a bit of taste to your water. It’s a fun addition to your desk and trust me when I say it makes you want to drink water that much more.

The Post Workout Breakdown


We then tried some of bars that the Balance Bar had to offer. The classic Balance Bars come in a variety of flavors like Dark Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch and Cookie Dough. These are super high in protein and are great post-workout.

They also offer Balance Bare, with slightly less protein. These come in flavors like Mixed Berry Nut, Sweet & Spicy Nut and Sea Salt Caramel Nut. They are also non-GMO, gluten free and soy free. Soon to launch are the Balance Bites.

I LOVE these because they taste like cereal and are just as easy to eat. They’re little balls of protein and they’re delicious. They come in Chocolate and Peanut Butter. I ate an entire packet on the way home. All their bars offer the perfect ratio (40-30-30) of carbs, protein and dietary fat.

balance bars

The Balance Bar wants America to achieve more balance in our lives. Do you know that men are more likely to feel balanced than women?

40% of Americans under 40 also say their smartphones throw them off balance a bit. It’s super hard to achieve balance. It’s a life long struggle for me.

Proper nutrition and exercise are just two things that you can do to help achieve more balance in your life. For more information on the Balance Bar and their new Balance Project, click here.

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