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  1. Heather wrote:

    Yea for real pop! I am a real Dr Pepper drinker and since the rest of my diet is healthy and I get plenty of exercise I DON’T FEEL GUILTY!

    I tried to switch to diet a few times but it is NASTY.

    (Can you tell I feel strongly about this?)

    Posted 3.18.11
  2. pamela wrote:

    no diet for me. yuck

    Posted 3.18.11
  3. Sherry wrote:

    Diet soda is soooo bad for you. I rarely drink soda anymore, but if I do, it’s regular! (but no caffeine lol)

    Posted 3.18.11
  4. Dott wrote:

    Regular all the way! Diet is NASTY!

    Posted 3.18.11
  5. Dottie wrote:

    opps my name came out screwy lol

    Posted 3.18.11
  6. Pola wrote:

    I drink only diet ! I get a lot of calories from food, no need to get more from drinks.

    Posted 3.18.11
  7. Marlène wrote:

    Regular for me. But no caffeine if i can.

    Posted 3.18.11
  8. amy wrote:

    Only Coke Zero and Diet Dr Pepper for me! I gave up regular soda 18 months ago and haven’t missed it!

    Posted 3.18.11
  9. Wheatly wrote:

    Diet only. I don’t believe you should drink your calories.

    Posted 3.18.11
  10. Mee!! wrote:

    diet is terrible for u buddy. It does more harm than good. And regular all the way!

    Posted 3.18.11
  11. Melissa wrote:

    Regular ….Pepsi preferably…..but…I only drink about 1 soda a week. I’m a coffee/iced tea drinker.

    Posted 3.18.11
  12. tracy wrote:

    I have tried to switch back to regular but still prefer diet.

    Posted 3.18.11
  13. Nadia wrote:

    I have 1/2 a can of pop once a year (seriously) but when I do, it is always regular, NEVER diet!

    Posted 3.18.11
  14. Lisa wrote:

    I HATE Diet Soda. I never drink that stuff. Regular Coke, Pepsi all the way baby!!

    Posted 3.18.11
  15. Jennifer wrote:

    Always regular! Diet just tastes bad…

    Posted 3.18.11
  16. Jess wrote:

    I don’t drink soda regularly but when i do its regular

    Posted 3.19.11
  17. Kyle wrote:

    Both. I’m weird.

    Posted 3.19.11
  18. KissKiss wrote:

    I rarely drink soda, but if I do it’s always regular. There’s just a really weird taste to diet.

    Posted 3.19.11
  19. Maria G wrote:

    Some days I need like the extra sugar and flavor (specially when I tired), so I go for a regular coke, but If I’ve eaten a lot that day I prefer the diet one.

    Posted 3.19.11
  20. kristie wrote:

    I don’t drink pop that often but when I do I prefer the real thing . Diet pop just doesn’t have that certain something like a good ol’ coke does!

    Posted 3.19.11
  21. MerryHappy wrote:

    I really prefer diet. I’m an avid diet dr pepper drinker. I’m healthy, exercise, drink lots of water, and decided I deserve one ‘bad’ thing. And I love that it has no calories. They really add up fast when you drink away your calories. I’d rather eat!

    Posted 3.19.11
  22. Jamie wrote:

    I HATE diet Coke but I’ve given up all soft drinks for Lent and I’m not even Catholic.

    But heck yeah if I drink a Coke it is FULLY LEADED! 😉

    Posted 3.19.11
  23. Lasydaytrippin wrote:

    If I drink soda, it’s regular. Diet soda is disgusting. The aftertaste is unbearable.

    Posted 3.20.11
  24. Sandra wrote:

    regular drinker, don´t like the diet stuff

    Posted 3.21.11
  25. Patty wrote:

    I’m a diet soda girl…though for the most part I gave up soda and only drink water.
    But if I have a can a week its definitely diet.

    Posted 3.21.11
  26. BoN wrote:

    I usually get water. BUT if I get a soda it’s a regular soda. Not a big fan of anything diet. Everytning in moderation is my motto.

    Posted 3.21.11
  27. Cassie Stallings wrote:

    You’re going to die of something someday, somehow! Regular all the way!

    Posted 3.22.11
  28. betsy wrote:

    regular all the way!!!!!!! thecoolkidsblog.com

    Posted 3.24.11
  29. Tina wrote:

    Both. I just really like soda.

    Posted 3.25.11
  30. Helen wrote:

    My husband always orders Diet and I regular, but when they come back they give me the diet and him the regular. EVERY TIME. :/

    Posted 4.18.11

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