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I told you a few weeks ago that eBay launched a brand new way to showcase all your favorite finds from their website. It’s call eBay Collections and I was one of the first people to put one together. While creating my many boards, I couldn’t help but poke around and see what other people were collecting. Well… now I just can’t stop! And can you blame me? Check out all the great items up for grabs:


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Mind you — this is just from “Today’s” picks. eBay swaps out their top collections daily – so you will always find something new to adore.  Come back and come back often. Buy designer. Buy vintage. Buy the unique and the obscure. Buy what’s hot and what’s on trend. BUT DO IT ALL FOR LESS.

Check out my eBay collections here or take a look at eBay’s top picks here. Either way – jump right in!

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