Eat Your Veggies! You May Wind Up With Less Pimples


So is that why my face has been exploding lately? Because I’ve been a Naughty Nellie in the kitchen? Darn it! Good bye unhealthy food and hello carrots and peas.

A recent study by the BMC Public Health is claiming that women who ate more than 5 servings of raw vegetables weekly had 30% FEWER breakouts than those who didn’t.

Fess up! Are you able to eat your daily vegetable requirements?

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  1. libby9 wrote:

    I recently (3 months ago) started eating healthy to lose weight. I have seen a very marked improvement in my adult acne (but it's taken the better part of the 3 months to really clear up), and if this is true, it's due to the veggies and water! Go veggies!!

    Posted 3.23.10
  2. lizzys wrote:

    makes good sense to me

    Posted 3.23.10
  3. veryvera wrote:

    I obviously need to start doing this. I am plagued with bad skin… always have to wear make up which stinks!

    Posted 3.23.10

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