EasyLunchBoxes - Purple

EasyLunchBoxes - with food

EasyLunchboxes makes it, well, EASY to pack nutritious meals in proper portions for the whole family! The EasyLunchbox system comes complete with 4 BPA-Free and PVC-Free containers, each with a different colored lid, making it simple for mom to pack meals for each child. Each container fits into the EasyLunchbox custom carrying bag, which come in a variety of bold colors, and can be personalized. Made of sturdy, food-safe material, the containers are dishwasher-safe, too! For moms of picky eaters who don’t like any food to “touch,” the EasyLunchbox system is a true gem! The EasyLunch Containers come in a set of 4 for $13.95 and the EasyLunch Cooler Bag costs $7.95. www.EasyLunchboxes.com

*Company provided sample for review*

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