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DIY Easter Bunny Banner: How To

Here’s a SUPER cute and affordable DIY Easter craft that you can do to spruce up your home and make it feel more festive in no time for the holiday! I just LOVE the feel of this project. It’s simple YET totally shabby chic! Make your DIY Easter Bunny Banner with just a few supplies.
  • Twine / string
  • Hole Puncher
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • 6 pieces of Colorful Scrapbook Paper – Michael’s – Recollections® – 12 x 12 inches – pastel pink, green, light purple, yellow floral patterns, plaid, water colors, polka dots
  • Bunny + Egg Cut-outs:  Bunnyhere and Egghere
  • Flower Stickers – Michael’s – Pink – Packet of 9

bunny_1 Instructions:

  • Print out the cutouts of the Bunny and Egg on plain white printer paper. Make sure the image takes up the entire page.
  • Cut the Bunny and Egg out.
  • With a pencil, trace the Bunny and Egg cut outs on the back of each colorful piece of scrapbook paper. The backside of the paper is white.
  • Cut out the Bunny + Egg out of each colorful paper.


  • With the hole puncher, Place one hole at the top of each bunny ear, and two holes at the top of each egg. This is important so the bunny & egg can face forward on the string!
  • String the cutouts through the Twine/String.
  • Tape/stick the flowers onto various places on the banner.
  • Cut the String to the length you need and then use tape to secure.
  • Take pictures and impress all of your guests!! 👯😄


Yeah! Think about all the different places this could work – doorways, fireplace mantles, over your TV and more!


Big thanks to my cousin, Sandra for being so crafty!

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