The Disney Dozen – Top Toys For Holiday 2013 #DisneyHolidayPreview


While I was at the Disney Holiday Preview last night, I really liked the “Disney Dozen” that was set aside. This 12 items really shined as they hit on boys and girls, but also all of the Disney brands…from Marvel and Star Wars to Disney Junior and even “It’s A Small World” (you heard that right, people). It was a great idea and I wanted to share that dozen with you, as I’m sure at least 1 or 2 (or all) will make it on someone’s Christmas wish list.

Let’s kick it off with this really cool Darth Vader/Anakin figure. The great part is that when it’s Darth (with his helmet on), the light saber is red and it makes Darth sounds. Take the helmet off and it’s Anakin with his sounds and a blue light saber. Very clever.



Next, we have that great, flying Iron Man. It’s very light weight and has propellers. The remote allows you to really play like Iron Man!  This would have been so cool when I was a kid. Who am I kidding…it’s still so cool…

IMG_1534 IMG_1535


How about we shift gears and move into something I think we can all agree is long overdue and close to many of our hearts. These are the girls from the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disney!  They will be coming out with more…but each girl sings that famous ditty in their own native language. Very nostalgawesome…

IMG_1539 IMG_1538

Who doesn’t love a little Minnie in their lives. This is Minnie doing her best cheerleader impression…


How about some Ariel and Little Mermaid.  Little Mermaid Diamond Edition (BlueRay, DVD, Digital) is being released from the vault this year, so she’s kind of a bit deal. This is a great toy that you can take for a swim during bath time…certainly a plus.


Let’s shift gears to something collective, perhaps a bit more grown up. Learn all you need to now about Tinker Belle and how she came to be in this gorgeous hardcover coffee table goodie.


You didn’t think we would have a top 12 list and not include some Disney Junior’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates, did you? Silly. This is a LEGO Duplo (larger pieces) set of Jake and it’s right up my son’s alley (yes, he’s 6, but would still love to play with this one).  C’mon, pirates?


Here is a beautiful, soft plush Winnie the Pooh…my personal favorite from way, way back. He comes with a book and and interactive sing a long…I love how that silly bear sings.


Here is a very sweet Sophia the First doll, along with a DVD.  This is really super hot and all the girls really love this one. It’s such a sweet show, so why not???



If you haven’t heard about Disney Infinity…you most certainly will. The next great video game craze is here. The action figures double as game pieces that when placed on the platform magically transport the character directly into the video game. Liam is champing at the bit for this bad boy…


There was also a really cool Planes toy that allows the user to make the plane move by moving hand-held paddles, so you can bank in and out…all along the floor…sorry but this is the best picture I took of this…see it on the right side…


And finally, some serious LEGO Star Wars action…super fresh.



I’ll tell you what…this is a really impressive set of gifts and it really does have something for almost everyone. Something tells me this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing about this…

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