Daily Diary: Apparently, I’ve Never Worked Out A Day In My Life

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You know when you read something that sort of virtually smacks you in your face. It doesn’t happen THAT often to me but boy I got hit hard last night. I was reading Allure online and came across this quote from Kacy Duke, a personal trainer at Equinox Fitness Clubs in New York City.

“If you’re emailing or reading, you’re not working out hard enough to lose weight.”

HA! When I am on a treadmill I could pretty much rainbow loom, check my email, paint my nails and braid my daughter’s hair all at the same time. That quote really hit home. Apparently, I have never taken working out seriously.

Did I mention I quit LA Fitness? Yeah, that lasted all but 6 months IF THAT. I am not a gym kind of girl. Why won’t I accept this?! I can’t get it together with my work schedule.

I want to be that person that wakes up and has the urge to go out for a run before the kids wake up… but I’m not. I’m much better at managing my food intake. That’s how I lose weight. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and believe it or not but I’m not a big snacker. But it’s not enough anymore. After three children, my body would benefit from a few weekly bootcamp classes. I just don’t have the drive.

Last week during Bunco, some friends were joking around and we promised that we would hold each other accountable. We were going to start a club – “Mom’s Losing It”. We’re losing our mind because of our children and we’re losing the last 10 pounds we’ve all been holding onto. PERFECT!! We PROMISED that MONDAY would be the start of it all. Well, it’s Monday and there’s no meeting time or place. So BOO TO THAT!

“If you’re emailing or reading, you’re not working out hard enough to lose weight.”

I have never worked out a day in my life. And honestly – I will never look at workouts the same again. This will always be my new gauge. If I feel like I could check an email… I’m not putting in enough effort. That is… if I ever make it to a gym again. 🙂

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