Daily Diary: Starting Solid Foods And Patiently Waiting For The Stomach Flu

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I have SO MUCH TO WRITE TODAY. Have no idea why that is but I am bubbling with… the words. Let’s start with the bad and then end up with the good. It’s always best to leave off on a positive note, right?

Everyone in my son’s school is throwing up right now.

And maybe I’m slightly exaggerating but not by much. I’m talking teachers, staff and children. I mean more than 8 kids are out at a time. I’m talking epidemic measures, folks. Vomit everywhere. In the hallway even. Like when you go and visit – the janitor can’t clean it up fast enough and you SEE IT. Do you understand what I am saying here?!

We all know how contagious the stomach flu is. We all know how swiftly it sweeps through your home once one person brings it in. We all know that it’s the WORST THING to EVER HAVE AS A FAMILY. And I have a newborn who won’t run to a bucket. He will just vomit over and over again in his crib.

The countdown has begun. T minus 5 days. Which brings us to Christmas Day BY THE WAY.

Trying to be positive – but how can you be positive? Every class is affected. It’s in my son’s class right now. A new name goes home early, throws up during lunch, didn’t show up etc. T minus 5 days (or less). We are bracing ourselves.

Now onto the Better: 

Watch this Apple commercial and try not to cry. I mean… try. I am writing about it and am in tears again. I was bawling when I first saw it. BAWLING – ugly cry. So beautiful. I actually can’t watch it again because… I just can’t. But you watch it and see what a great job Apple did. I love when advertisers get it right. That teenage boy represents a generation nowadays….

Saving the Best for Last:

Little Caleb is all grown up. I feel like this is my Christmas newsletter. So strange. He started eating solid food and we are sampling just about everything. Eggs, yogurt, diced up carrots/ peaches, fruit bars, Cheerios. You name it. He loves it all – though we are still figuring it all out. It’s not so easy. We still need our pouches and soft food. He isn’t 100% ready to switch all the way. Taking it slowly but it’s a messy, fun ride three times a day. Caleb really gets a kick out of it!! With my other two children I used to get so crazy with the disaster after a feeding. But since I know Caleb is my last – somehow it’s just not that big of a deal. 🙂

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