Daily Diary: Saying Goodbye To A Family Tradition


When I moved to Garden City, we joined the local country club with a handful of our friends. It was so much fun because we went to almost every event together as a group and our children grew up with one another celebrating the same traditions.

Fast forward seven years and things have changed. While we were still paying our dues, my family had stopped attending the functions… making it a very pricey membership for nothing.

So, this year we canceled our membership in September. My husband sent in our official letter and that left us until December 31st to enjoy the club thanks to our pre-paid annual dues.

We grabbed a few of our friends for one last party –  the Santa brunch. 12313858_10153782929379520_7922131094429394802_n 12308810_10153782929434520_7649562193896845920_n

To be honest with you, I’m going to miss the place. Everything really is so beautifully done and in some ways, that club represents a new chapter of my life. That chapter is now closing and that makes me sad, but financially it just doesn’t make sense. PS – three other couples in the picture below have also decided to leave this club this year.

Adult decisions and all of that. 11255364_10153782929444520_8219691731698448894_n 12322955_10153782751724520_1445514506074222835_o

We put the kids on the staircase and took one last group shot. The first time we did this, Natalie was 3 years old. Most of these children weren’t even born yet. My goodness how time has flown.

I’m going to miss those stairs… but we will make memories somewhere else I am sure.

Thanks for the good times GCCC! I will always remember the years we had within your walls.

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