Daily Diary: Two Recent Quotes That Have Sort Of Rocked My World


I travel a lot for work and because so I always find myself in front of new and interesting people. During this past week, I’ve had two MAJOR statements said to me that have really hit me HARD and permanently altered my DNA. Have I mentioned that I am overly dramatic at all times – even in the wee hours of the morning?

The first was during a conversation with a PR friend. She said that when her group finds themselves unable to get away during personal downtime such as a scheduled family vacation they are REMINDED to tell themselves that “this is PR not ER”. Now, of course I am not in PR but the underlying message is all the same. It’s just not THAT important. If I don’t check emails every 5 minutes of the day – will the world fall off its axis? NO! But prior to hearing that… I sort of BELIEVED that it WOULD. Like genuinely believed it would.  My friend Amanda had no idea that she impacted me so strongly because I gave her no indication that she did. I didn’t want to stop her mid-story and make the moment all about me  – but a giant Times Square-sized lightbulb went off in my brain right then and there and I instantly became a different person. So I thank her.

The second statement I heard this week came from a driver I had on Wednesday while running around the city hopping from one press preview to the next. I took the car service home so we had a lot of time to chat thanks to Long Island traffic.  As we were chatting, my new friend said:

Never let anything stress you out that you have zero control over.

And that stopped me in my tracks as well because isn’t that the truth? If you don’t have control over the situation and you cannot change the outcome, then what point is there to overreact about it? Nothing you do will change that outcome anyway. All you will be doing is wasting energy.

Very powerful. This is a lesson I still have to learn – but it has remained with me all the same.

Have you heard anything recently that resonated with you?

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  1. This statement “Never let anything stress you out that you have zero control over” is something that I am guilty of not following. Especially with really kick-starting my blog. I can only control what I do, not what people want to read or not read, follow or not follow. I should just do what I do best and let everything fall into place. This is a really good piece of advice. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 10.25.13

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