Daily Diary: Pumpkin Picking With 16 Families


What a fun weekend!!

On Saturday, my town celebrated Spirit Day with a homecoming parade. All the kids wore the same t-shirt as we watched the older students walk and celebrate school spirit. A few streets get closed down and vendors put our tables of goods to buy. Trains and bouncy houses were placed for the kids…and treats everywhere you look!

Later that night, Bill and I went to two really great parties. I should have taken more pictures from those functions. Not sure what happened there. I’m usually really good with my camera.


On Sunday, 16 families (with an average of 3 kids per family) all went out to the Hamptons to go pumpkin picking. It was so much FUN! The kids were running around like crazy while the parents caught up and snacked on corn.


I don’t really get the over-sized pumpkins anymore because a few years ago the squirrels (or raccoons) got a little smart around Halloween. They started to EAT the pumpkins we all left outside. So, this year  – I’m not supporting their cause. Told the kids to get a really small one for their room. This is what Natalie chose.


Then all of us headed across the street to ‘Duck Walk’. Last year, when we went, all we brought was a platter of cheese. THIS YEAR WE CAME WITH A TON OF FOOD. I’m talking sandwiches, drinks for the kids, bagels, cookies, chips, candy. You name it!! It was insane. My neighbor collected $15 a family and went to TOWN at the deli / Costco. It was so cheap for everything we got. The adults bought wine from the vineyard while the kids ran around like crazy.


Who needs electronic games? All you need is a good hill to roll down, right?

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