Daily Diary: Oh Great! Another Game That I’m Addicted To

Seriously…  Castleville has my friends HATING me on Facebook. As IF I don’t spend enough time online working on nonsense, I now have an APP to pine over. Draw Something is flipping addicting! My daughter is even getting involved.

A few days ago, a friend told me to download the free game and start a game with her. Well, I’ve been drawing ever since. I’m even thinking about getting a stylus to perfect my ability!

My name is Vera and I have a very addictive personality. It could be worse though, right?

Do you play? Find me – VeraSweeney (original user name I know)

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Vera Sweeney – mom, blogger, and New York resident – is the founder of Lady and the Blog. Her main focus is to help busy women stay on top of the latest style, culinary, and parenting trends.

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  1. Sandra Babic wrote:

    I told you about draw something on nanas birthday! You should have seen the gorilla Natalie tried to draw haha

    Posted 4.4.12
  2. Mattisa wrote:

    I’m so addicted, and I can’t draw that well! LOL…I’m CPawaremom

    Posted 4.4.12
  3. Wendy T wrote:

    I’m addicted to sugar.

    I keep telling myself it could be worse, too. Maybe you could draw me a cupcake 😉

    Comment is acting as an entry to the CVS contest.

    Posted 4.6.12

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