Moms With Clumsy Kids – This One Is For You


I can’t take credit for this. My friend Audrey has 4 boys and each of them own one of these. Genius. My kids accidentally drop their DS on a regular basis. They, unfortunately, already broke their Leapster which I am VERY UPSET about. This Nerf case was insurance to make sure that they don’t break any more of their gaming machines.

There are a variety of Nerf DS cases to choose from. It actually depends on whether or not you have a DS, DSi or DS3D. So, be sure that you are purchasing the right case for your handheld Nintendo device.

Trust me – as a parent – you want the Nerf Armor on your kids’ toys. For under $15 you can protect their DS from drops, bumps and scratches.

I bought two of them – one in blue and one in green. Couldn’t find a pink one which I was a little bummed about. But Natalie isn’t complaining – so neither am I.

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    Great idea for a product!

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