Daily Diary: Men Are Pigs. Ok! Not All Of Them…But This One Guy Is.

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My partner Audrey McClelland and I have been doing Google Plus videos for quite some time. We like recording our conversations about beauty and parenting and have been posting them on our blogs for the last year or so. It’s been rather sporadic but we’ve decided to do it weekly moving forward.

Yesterday was the first time that we opened up the conversation to readers. We tweeted out the date and time and welcomed people to chime in and chat along. This was the first time we ever did something like that. In the past, we just used Google Plus as a means to RECORD our conversations. Yesterday was the first time we opened up our door and let friends in while it was happening.

Well, we had people watching our conversation which was cool. No one chatted and that was fine. The entire video was being filmed and at the very end of it we stopped recording. Even though we stopped filming, Audrey and I stayed on and I GUESS some people stayed on as well.

….. are you ready for this.

While we were talking about how it went, something disgusting happened. MIND YOU – we made a mistake. We tweeted the official G+ link out and we weren’t supposed to. We didn’t know that. The link gives people access to the entire chat – meaning they can join in with the video feed. WE DID NOT KNOW THAT. Like I said, the dozens of videos we’ve done in the past have been in secret and just between the two of us.

WELL, while we were MID-conversation, SOME MAN JOINED IN NAKED AND choking his wang. I’m not going to write the official terminology because I don’t want to have those words on my blog. But you understand what I’m saying. The camera was focused on his bare thighs and you know what and he was going at it. We were MORTIFIED. Of course we shut the program down immediately and called one another. And the first thing we said was – DID YOU STOPPED FILMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????




I mean is that for real?

Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. Pig. And I”m not saying that all men are pigs. FINE. I take that title back but seriously. I was so pissed for so long. Why is that ok? I mean we were talking about wrinkle cream and lipstick! What about that warrants that response? I don’t understand. Had to vent. UGH.

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