Daily Diary: I’ve Been Kidnapped And Replaced By Someone With Energy (Played Tennis Then Did Cardio Kickboxing)

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Despite the fact that little Caleb got up at 1AM and 5AM for a feeding last night (thanks to TWO leaky diaper incidents).. I still dragged my you-know-what over to tennis this morning at 8AM. Shockingly…. I connected with the ball a few times. Not saying I was good by ANY MEANS – but I at least CONNECTED. I don’t feel as FOOLISH as I did the week before. Before the lesson began, I asked my SUPER AMAZING and ridiculously talented tennis instructor (how’s that for an intro Max?) for some reminders. I forgot everything! How to stand. How to hold the club… err… racquet. Where my feet should be facing.


But Max gave me some pointers and off we went. Lots of fun! I’m glad to be playing again. Maybe one day I will actually be good enough to … GASP… play a real game while on vacation with my family. You know that’s my goal.

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Anyway, as IF that wasn’t enough. My friend Tracy and I ran home to change and then hit LA Fitness for a cardio kickboxing class with our other friend.  What is going on? I don’t know who I am anymore!! LOL!

Full disclosure – the class did a real number on my knees. They felt like they were going to POP at any second. So, I stopped doing all the moves like the rest of the group. Toned down the jumping jacks too. I was in major pain. My knees always give me issue when there’s sporadic movement. I wasn’t about to push myself… not on the first day at least.

Brought my bathing suit to go swimming after too but the pool isn’t open yet. OH WELL –  I think next week it will be ready so that will happen soon enough.

Did I mention I’m exhausted?

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