Daily Diary: It’s That Time Of The Season (Eating Candy Apples Like Vitamins)


I’m not a person who loves sweets. I’m much rather have something salty… or carb-y. But the Fall brings out a whole different side of me. And that side is all about the candy apple. OH MAN I love these puppies.

But the way I eat them drives my husband insane. I won’t just bite the apple off the stick. I need to cut it up into pieces. I don’t like to get too messy and this is the best way to do it. Sometimes I even whip out a fork which sends my man into overdrive.

I do that with chicken wings too – I get a fork and I pull the meat off. Yes, I have problems.

Either way, I’m going to gain 900 pounds this pregnancy. I’ve never had a winter baby. Natalie and Liam were both born in the summer – so this is a whole new world! LOL

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  1. Lisa wrote:

    Candy apples are my favorite too! Just looking at your picture is making me crave one!

    Posted 10.23.12

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