Daily Diary: He Holds My Hand When We Go Shopping



I had to go do some returns yesterday at the mall. Natalie had an after school activity. Liam had a playdate. So, it was just Bill, Caleb and me.  We had about 2 hours to kill and we passed the time at Roosevelt Field. While we were walking around, my little man held onto me the entire time. I thought it was the sweetest thing.

If you know Caleb, you know he is a man on the move. It’s hard to slow him down enough to grab a hug. So these moments are special. If I let go of him to do something, he would make a noise and extend his hand to get me back.

Heart melts…

I am well aware of how fast time flies. My other two are GONE after school – off running doing big kid things. I will hold this little boy’s hand as long as he will have me.

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