Daily Diary: Family Halloween Party


Halloween is a holiday that keeps my family GOING. We always end up doing a million things and that’s OK because we get plenty of use out of our kids’ costumes. So much in fact that Natalie’s has officially ripped to shreds. Yup – that’s right. Completely trashed and unusable. But that’s an entirely different post. This one is all about last weekend’s family function.

I colored my hair red to show my festive spirit. Did it work? Natalie was supposed to do the same thing but she decided last minute that she didn’t want to. She thought it would get her out of a bath that night. FYI: She was wrong… 🙂

halloween_club3Every time Liam tried to drink from his cup I would crack up. The Wolverine did not do well with his straw. HA!

halloween_club2  halloween_brunch_family

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 10.41.17 PM

 (picture taken Saturday night – another party)

So my Frankenstein, my vampire and my Wolverine all had a great weekend filled with Halloween fun. And it ain’t over yet!! We still have to go trick or treating! 🙂 Love this season.

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