Daily Diary: Enjoying My Bed Tray (It’s The Little Things, Right?)


I am SO HAPPY I bought this bed tray! I’m serious! It beats me leaning over, stretching and grabbing my drink or my remote. A girl can get really lazy with enough effort… or non-effort. LOL!

So, I’m staying in good spirits. After my revelation the other day, little things don’t bother me anymore. Ok, I got into a huge fight with my husband yesterday about cleaning – but besides that we’ve been GOOD.

Tomorrow is my doctor’s appointment  – the dreaded Thursday meet up with my OBGYN practice. I’m trying not to get too worked up about it but I’m already starting to have trouble breathing.

Who knew I was so prone to anxiety attacks? I don’t think I ever suffered from these before. At least I don’t remember them? My doctor said that it also has to do with the membranes in my nose enlarging due to hormones from this pregnancy. So physically it’s hard for me to breath as is. ADD a little stress to that and … well…. here we are.

I can’t get too crazy about tomorrow. What will be will be. I just have to keep doing what I’m supposed to be doing and hope that’s enough.

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