Daily Diary: Drop Off Birthday Parties And My Husband The Celebrity


Now that my kids are getting older, the birthday parties are becoming “drop off”. It’s magical. Yesterday, I had one and was offered 1.5 hours of freedom and relaxation.


I’m telling you… it was like Christmas morning when my friends and I found out we could go window shopping while our kids had fun at the party place.

Oh and I have to mention how ADORABLE one of the play areas was. “Star Bugs”  instead of Starbucks. LOVE IT! The place was named Ladybug Playhouse so each title had bug in it.

And I can’t tell you how many people are coming up to me telling me that they read about my husband in both our local newspaper and the GC Patch. I’m talking EVERYONE I KNOW – EVERYWHERE I GO. 🙂 It’s comical. I’ve been written about in Newsday, the Daily News, AND the NY Post and like 5 people saw those interviews combined. But Bill in our local paper – OUR ENTIRE COMMUNITY. LOL! Gotta love it.

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