Daily Diary: Caleb Got His First Two Teeth

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 10.02.21 AM


Can you see them?! My lil man got his first two teeth. I can’t believe Caleb is almost 10 months old. This year… too too fast. He is munching on just about everything and my fingers can only take so much. Time to start pushing forward to solids.

Then he’s going to crawl.

And walk.

And run.

Please… someone hold me!

HA! For the last week or so he’s been a little crazy at night and now we know WHY. Teething is such a fun stage, isn’t it?  But are you ready for the strangest part? He doesn’t really drool that much anymore. Now that’s he’s teething – he doesn’t need a bib. I’m so confused.

And just for laughs — here’s Caleb having a little fun on the bed with his sister. This one always makes me smile.

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