Daily Diary: Back To School Night For Liam


Last night was Liam’s “Back to School” night at this school. I was one of the class moms and had to help out with the evening’s festivities. It was really great to be able to get a look inside his daily life. We got to hear a little bit about their routine, see where they sit, and check out some of their art work.

I loved every minute.


When I sat down, I was greeted with a little folder and a card from Liam. It was his handprint and…


A picture of his first day at school!! Something to cherish forever. I can’t believe my babies are both full time students. Where did the time go??

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  1. Veronica wrote:

    Thats a wonderful classroom!!!! So much natural light. I love the windows! Smartboards are awesome for kindergarten. I am waiting for my replacement bulb so I can start using mine 🙁

    Posted 9.26.12
  2. Veronica wrote:

    My question for Ask Bill and Vera is: How did it feel to get rid of the PT Cruiser? How did that car ever make its way to your driveway????

    Posted 9.26.12

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