Daily Diary: Are You A Bloody Mary Kind Of Girl?

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When you do brunch, what drink do you choose? I am a mimosa kind of girl for SURE. But over the weekend, my friends and I took the kids pumpkin picking and had a great time. We had brunch and everyone asked for a bloody mary. I had a few sips and BOY did it have a spicy kick. It was SOOOO GOOD. I don’t know – I think I am a changed woman.

I also feel like this will give me some extra vitamins because of the tomato juice. Am I stretching here? HA!

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While we are talking alcohol, we also enjoyed hard apple cider and yup… I love that too. Changed woman on that weekend getaway to the North Fork! First times on both accounts for me and I enjoyed them both. The cider was out of a growler and fresh – I’m not so sure I would like the bottled / commercialized version I can find from a supermarket.  But from an apple orchard?  I’m in!!

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