Daily Diary: Appreciating The Humor In Almost Anything


If you really want to smile, you’ll find something that will make it happen. It’s all about your outlook on life, right? I have seen this time and time again. A friend and I will be in the same exact (not so pleasant) situation and she will be moaning and groaning about every last detail. I, on the other hand, try my hardest to just roll with the punches.

It’s true what they say about the glass being half full or half empty.

While waiting on a very long line to purchase a bottle of water, I started to scan the store and came across this chocolate bar. After I read what it said, the notion sort of knocked me out of my angry state and instead made me smiled. So, I took a picture. Why? Because I found a moment that brought me joy and I went with that feeling instead of marinading in the fact that I was on a very long, very slow line to purchased an overpriced bottle of WATER.

I can’t say I do this ALL THE TIME. We are all human after all. But this little piece of chocolate reminded me that it feels good to put on my rose colored glasses every now and then.

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