Daily Diary: A Yogurt Stand Instead Of Lemonade?


I’m very supportive of my kids and how they express their creative juices. I encourage thinking outside the box… but when Natalie and Liam wanted to sell cranberry juice and yogurt instead of lemonade I got a little nervous. It all felt very unsanitary!

Natalie opened up several yogurts and dumped them into a bowl. Then she brought disposable plates out and was expecting to scoop out the snack and sell it to our neighbors.

Um…. I’m not sure.

For 3 cents, I guess it would have been a bargain. BUT STILL! All I kept thinking about was how sick everyone was going to get. Instead, I had them eat the yogurt and drink the juice. They were upset that they didn’t make any money… but then we started to play with chalk and all was right with the world again.

She was also trying to sell bracelets – plain, twisted or braided. So many options!!


Nothing beats summer vacation. 🙂

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