Daily Diary: A Long Nap With The Kids (Didn’t Think It Was Possible)


Thanks to Nor’easter Athena (why are we naming storms now?), my house lost power once again. I am so LUCKY to be on the best grid in town – so trust me I’m not really complaining. I always get power back first because I share a line with a huge super market. I’m 2 days out at MOST during any storm.

It’s a true blessing. And believe me – I WILL NEVER MOVE AFTER THIS YEAR. Bill and I were toying with finding a new house – perhaps one with four bedrooms. NOT HAPPENING. I could CARE LESS. My boys will room for the rest of their lives or we will build up. Moving is NOT an option.

But being on bedrest and having no power is not a fun experience. All day yesterday, I had to lay in bed in the dark – in the cold. It’s not like I could take my kids anywhere to entertain them. Bill had to shovel and couldn’t play with them – so we were all just stuck. What did we do? We napped together for HOURS. And I mean hours.

Thank goodness I have angels as children. I think we slept for 3 hours. I never expected them to join me but they did and it was very sweet. They didn’t make me feel guilty about being immobile. They just joined me and that was really special.

I got some bad news at the doctor’s office yesterday. So, I think I was a little depressed too. More on that in a bit.

Anyway, we got our power back around 3pm. So, once again, I can’t complain. 15 hours is not a long time to be without power. A friend of mine was told by LIPA that he will be out until THANKSGIVING. That is simply unacceptable.



Once the heat came on, the kids were able to have a little snow fun. They just dove right in (literally). I heard them screaming and playing – it was all very sweet.

Today we are back to business. BOTH KIDS are going to school today which is a miracle. I was SURE that those buildings will lose power again – but they didn’t. PHEW!

The scariest thing about this situation – it isn’t winter yet. IT ISN’T WINTER YET. What will happen then?????

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