Daily Diary: 11 Things I Will Never Change About Myself

They say that you pretty much become YOU by a very early age… and I believe it. No matter how many times I try to make adjustments to my behavior, I keep falling back into old habits. The truth of the matter is…. I’m ok with that. While brushing my teeth this morning, I started to internally ramble a few of those staples that look like they are here to stay. Figured I’d jot them down.


11 Things I Will Never Change About Myself: #1 I will never worry about hiking up the heat / air conditioning in the house. Neighbors were telling me yesterday that they haven’t turned their heat on because they “haven’t hit the calendar date” that they have in their mind where they feel it becomes appropriate to start using their heating system. Um…. heat goes on when it’s cold. If it’s August… then it’s August.

11 Things I Will Never Change About Myself: #2 I will never stop buying Starbucks tea. No matter what budget we create – this is always omitted. I. Can’t. Help. Myself.

11 Things I Will Never Change About Myself: #3 I love to coupon and I’m not ashamed to say it. (As if you didn’t know that)

11 Things I Will Never Change About Myself: #4 I will always have an insatiable need to travel and I PRAY that my children grow with a love for exploration as well.

11 Things I Will Never Change About Myself: #5 I am ridiculously sarcastic and can’t leave a conversation without at least attempting to make the other person laugh. Anyone who comes in my path is a victim.

11 Things I Will Never Change About Myself: #6 I will always be too sensitive.

11 Things I Will Never Change About Myself: #7 I will always be a clotheshorse and a beauty buff. Three kids couldn’t change that.

11 Things I Will Never Change About Myself: #8 I believe in the power of believing.

11 Things I Will Never Change About Myself: #9 I curse like a truck driver. You would never know that because I am highly filtered online. But in another life, I’m pretty sure I was a sailor.

11 Things I Will Never Change About Myself: #10 I’m Italian and when I speak it looks like I’m doing sign language.

11 Things I Will Never Change About Myself: #11 I will never stop making lists.

FESS UP! What are 10 things you will never change about yourself!!! Leave it in a comment.

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  1. 1. I am glutton for punishment and will watch movies with the sad/unpopular endings. (Especially military ones like Act of Valor and Pearl Harbor) Alone.
    2. My shyness is here to stay. I like to call it “being cautious”.
    3. Wearing t-shirts. They will always be a part of my wardrobe, even long after the spit-up days are over. T-shirts are memories for me, like songs can be memories for others.
    4. Disliking jeans in cold weather – another thing I can’t change. I don’t like the way they feel when they get cold. I’m such a weirdo and I wear them and suffer anyway.
    5. Drinking coffee will not change. I may decrease, most likely increase, but never cease!
    6. Constantly changing my interests to keep myself entertained. Baking, painting, mod-podging, etc. It’s impossible to stick to one hobby or interest. I want to do SO much! We see how well the bakery idea worked for me. (It didn’t)
    7. Enjoying my family and all of the chaos. No matter how many times I think “Calgon, take me away,” if I seriously was taken away I’d want to come back in 5 minutes. They are my world. I honestly don’t know where I would be without them.
    8. Sleeping on my left side. This could be due to 4 pregnancies, but I can’t sleep any other way.
    9. Being inspired. My mom is such an amazing and strong woman. She inspires me. It is a compliment when I hear that we are so much alike.
    10. Caring. I will never stop caring. There’s a good and bad to this quality of mine. I care about others, and I also care about what people think. It gets in the way sometimes, especially when I find myself becoming self-conscious about something. One day I realized that this will never change, and I had to accept it.
    11. Being optimistic. I’ve seen that the cup is half full for as long as I can remember. Who doesn’t want to see the bright side of life? This would explain why I am a morning person. I see each morning as a fresh start; a chance to tackle a new to-do list and earn that feeling of accomplishment.

    Posted 10.23.13
  2. Susan wrote:

    1. Wanting to spend time with my family.
    2. Smiling.
    3. I love lists too and my planner.
    4. Being a Mommy not only to my kids but to everyone.
    5. Having my hair professionally colored every 4 weeks. I was born with auburn hair and after children it dulled and red hair has a lot of upkeep.
    6. Starbucks iced unsweetened Passion Tea in the AM and Dunkin unsweetened iced tea no lemon in the afternoon.
    7. Eating vegan and cooking healthy for my family.
    8. Shopping.
    9. Reading great blogs like this one.
    10.Exercising every day.
    11.A great mani/pedi with a great foot massage with great smelling all natural products.

    Posted 10.24.13

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