Conquering My Fears, Ziplining, Snorkeling and Other Fun Things to do in Mexico @Karismahotels

Mexico is, in a nutshell, incredibly underrated. If you’re thinking of taking your kids to a tropical island, I would strongly suggest moving Mexico to the top of the list. If you think it’s because of the delicious food, amazing weather or friendly people, you’re only skimming the surface. This was my third trip to Mexico and I had so many firsts that it’s forever going to be an unforgettable trip. We took a day trip with Lomas Travel Company to Indiana Joe’s. In one location, you can go ziplining, snorkeling in a cenote and exploring a cave that’s just a few million years old. We drove for over an hour deep into Mexico to experience an epic adventure. The Azul Sensatori Hotel was stunning but this was so worth sneaking out for.


I need to preface this by saying that I’ve never been ziplining or snorkeling before. The first activity was swimming in the cenote. The beauty of a cenote can’t be captured in words or pictures. A cenote is a body of water inside caves that have formed over millions of years naturally. The water is crystal clear. There’s no sand so you can see the bottom.


Slip on a snorkeling mask provided by the guides, look into the water and discover reefs, fishes and rock formations that are breathtakingly beautiful. I didn’t trust the snorkel mask but Samuel, the guide was so patient and encouraging that all it took was one glance down for me to want to see more. His instructions to look left or right led to the sight of schools of pitch black fish swimming right up to my face. Looking down, the water was at times very deep but at other places, pretty shallow.

Samuel and I, post-swim.


I met a woman from Canada who brought her kids there. The older ones went swimming with the guide and she stayed in the shallow areas with her toddler. Her toddler was still able to put her feet in the water and have a bit of fun. The tour guides ensure that the groups are small. Samuel often did counts to make sure we were all around him in the water. The cenote is generally under the caves so there isn’t much light. Every now and again, though, pockets of sunlight burst through the surface and illuminate the water.


After the cenote, we went ziplining. Yet another first for me, this was a breeze and also something older kids can do. It’s super safe and incredibly fun. I wouldn’t call myself a daredevil but I was ziplining upside down in the middle of the forest. Insanity.


Serena from Mom Trends and I ziplining through the forest.


We ate lunch at a simple Mexican restaurant with authentic local food that was mouth-watering.


Beans, rice and a chicken quesadilla with rice water. So delicious!

Chicken Quesidilla

Then, we completed the tour by exploring caves that are a few million years old. It was simply amazing. Our tour guide was full of knowledge about the caves.


Water in the caves.


Light streaming in.


Bats in the ceiling.


We completed an unforgettable day in Mexico that was totally unexpected. This country is full of amazing treasures just waiting to be explored. It’s the perfect place for a family vacation. You can spend a few days exploring the resort and a few discovering the country. Both make for a memorable trip that no-one will be able to forget. I certainly won’t. Ziplining and snorkeling in one day? That’s doesn’t happen everyday in New York.

Here are a few more pictures from the trip.

Relaxing after a swim.


This little guy, Samuel, lives on the premises.


How cute is this one?



This trip and related amenities were covered by Karisma Hotels. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. lizzys wrote:

    what a fab trip. the water is so beautiful and you are very brave!!

    Posted 7.6.13
  2. Hidden Worlds Cenote Park is a family friendly adventure. The kids will love sky cycling above the jungle and zip lining as well. You can also rappel into a cenote and enjoy snorkeling in the caves. Small children can use most of the attractions with an adult. This is located about 15 minutes drive from Tulum.

    Posted 7.10.13

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