Coming Together During Hurricane Sandy

The news is focusing so heavily on stories that highlight the dark side of humanity. The poor woman who lost her two children during Hurricane Sandy in Staten Island – and all the people who WOULD NOT HELP. It’s absolutely disheartening. It’s incomprehensible. It’s most certainly a reality that will forever change her life.

But the news is always SO NEGATIVE. It’s sickening. What about all the GOOD that people are showing during this crisis? What about all the fundraisers, the blood drives, the food collections, the coming together of the community? SO many people are volunteering their efforts and coming to the aid of others. I much rather focus on this.

My town has been putting together multiple charity drives. I’m sure your city is doing the same. All you have to do is get on Facebook, grab your local newspaper, or call a friend and ask them where to go. Over the weekend, Bill headed over to donate several garbage bags of health / beauty / cleaning / paper goods from our CVS stockpile. So many of my friends and family are doing the same. I think this is a beautiful thing. I even have blogging friends who are driving down to Staten Island to do what they can in that war zone. I could cry just thinking about it. Unfortunately, I can’t participate because of my situation – but it’s nice to see so many people really stepping up.

Not to mention the INFLUX of service men coming in from all over the country to help out Long Island. There are hundreds of men from the South, Midwest and Canada supporting my area and trying to get us back on the right track. They are offering up their tree cutting / electric / plumbing services to the community. How simply amazing!!!!!! They left their families to help strangers. Really shows how connected we all are.

We have people all over our Main Street sporting a Southern twang and it is something that needs to be recognized. These men do not have to be here! They WANT to be here.

So yes, there are dozens of situations where people failed their neighbors. But there are thousands of situations where people are doing what they can. I think it’s important to recognize BOTH.

Hurricane Sandy brought out the good in most. Let’s remember that.

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    Lucky people love people – God bless

    Posted 11.6.12

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