Check Out My Mom In The 70s

The power of Facebook! I love it!

One of my mother’s old friends just posted this picture of my aunt (far left), my mother (center with green shirt) and their friends from the 70s. Check out that hair! My mother is from Malta and has course curly hair. She said it really worked in the 70s because that style was in.

Now you know why I get the Keratin treatment. The secret is out! 🙂

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  1. LOVE the picture? And how cute is her outfit?? You could totally wear that now.

    Posted 6.23.11
  2. Lisa wrote:

    your mom hasnt aged at all!

    Posted 6.23.11
  3. Kyle wrote:

    OMG. But I saw like two years ago and she still looked just like that (minus the hair). What is her secret?!?!?

    Posted 6.23.11
  4. lizzys wrote:

    you’re mom is so groovy:)

    Posted 6.24.11
  5. Mia wrote:

    That is sooo awesome!

    Posted 6.24.11
  6. hannah wrote:

    I can totally see Liam’s smile on her! Always thought it came from his Daddy

    Posted 6.25.11

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