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  1. One of the main criticisms leveled against it, that I’ve heard, is that it’s too long and too slow. Well, compared to “Pulp Fiction”, which is about the same length, of course you’d think it was too slow. But that’s the way this story needs to be told, for one simple reason. “Pulp Fiction” was about young, experienced criminals, always on the go, always in control. They could afford to move quickly. “Jackie Brown”s criminals are a touch older. Jackie Brown and Bail Bondsman Max Cherry even have a conversation about what it means for men to get older (they lose their hair) verses what it means for women to get holder (their behinds get bigger). It’s actually kind of a touching, and very odd, moment to have in the middle of what should be a zippy little heist flick.
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  2. It’s a perfect film (5 out of 5 stars) about the inherent flaws and failures that go hand-in-hand with life’s greatest successes and achievements. The human condition, especially the condition of being a man, is flopped onto the operating table in Good Will Hunting and surgically dissected into all the psychological bits and quirks that somehow magically come together to create each of our lives. The emotional and intellectual depth present in the script, the acting, the dialogue, and all the details of this film, belies its book cover. If by some odd chance you haven’t yet gone on this journey with Will Hunting, then by all means, get into this film now and for many years to come.
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  3. The film clearly suggests that emotions — the ability to “feel” — are what make life worth living; yet they are also the source of violence and war. At some level, this is clearly true. The joy of art, the intensity of romantic love, the pleasures of a touch or the sight of a sunrise, the fascination of a great idea — these are the things we live for. “Crimes of passion” such as murder, domestic violence, and assault generally involve uncontrolled emotions.
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  4. “Equilibrium” is a film that explores what it theorizes to be the root of all worldly chaos, human emotion. The movie takes place in the near future after a third world war that leaves Earth on the verge of total destruction. From the ashes arises a government that regulates everything and everyone through mind control. The drug Prozium is hailed as the elixir to the world’s problems because it suppresses human emotion and thus eliminates the possibility war. All art, music, poetry and any emotion are considered contraband and must be destroyed upon discovery.
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